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The second part, after the '@' sign, is the name of the organisation where messages should be sent over the internet.An agreement on how home computers, internet access and mobile phones will be used.A program that can do things without the user of the computer having to give it instructions.Many bots are malware as they are installed without people's permission and can be controlled over the internet and used to send spam or steal data. A program that allows you to use the World Wide Web to view internet pages. A 12cm diameter plastic disc that can store relatively large amounts of data – around 650 megabytes.Creative Commons search engines can help people discover materials that they can freely and legally share or build upon. The transmission of a file from one computer system to another (often smaller) computer system.From the internet user's point of view, to download a file is to request it from one computer, or from one web page to another computer, and to receive it.A way of limiting access to material on the internet by examining it before it is shown to the user and deciding whether or not it is acceptable.Often used to restrict access to certain web pages when children are using computers.

The difference between IM and chatrooms is that IM requires you to set up a list of contacts before you can chat.A chatroom or other service where an adult is watching the conversations to make sure they do not break the hosting company's policy on online behaviour.This may include inappropriate language, the disclosure of personal information or behaviour which is considered dangerous.A number of computers that are linked together so that they can exchange data.Local area networks link computers in the same building, wide area networks like the internet connect computers that may be far apart.Granularity refers to the degree to which users can set permissions with regard to their information, the choices a member can make over who gets to see what information and data they upload or create on a site.