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Updating primary key db2

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@stk1m1 I understand the purpose and value of primary keys, but still I have to update my primary key once (and only once).

Call it bad design, but it's _required_ in my case.

Changing the value of a primary key on one device may lead to inconsistencies on another device.

And we don't wish to avoid the behaviour in one set up, and disallow it in another.

(*You might argue that surrogate keys might do the job.

Believe it or not, the very idea of database is built on top of Set Theory.

determining whether that row is, in fact, new or already exists.

, but starting with Realm 2.0.0 this throws an exception to keep it in line with the Realm API in other languages. The workflow of my app is similiar to the following: @Zhuinden Are you referring to the Realm Mobile Platform sync?

@kneth I'm well aware of the reasons for adding the restrictions, but still I think there should be an easier way for updating the primary keys that does not need copying and deleting.

Let me respond to a few of your words inline: I understand the reasoning behind it, but this shouldn't affect users of the library not using the Realm Mobile Platform, in my opinion.