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However, I think I'm going to actively pursue more vintage Lou Lou--preferably in the gorgeous, larger version of my mini splash bottle. VERY different from anything else I've ever smelled. this is strong stuff, you definitely get your money's worth. I tried it just once, maybe I have to give it another chance. warm spicy herbal but elegant very powdery and refreshing at the same time floral with lily tuberose jasmine mimosa exotic ylang-ylang and warmth of cinnamon and smoky incense very elegant feminine scent a bit dark suitable for any occaision When I put my nose really close and smell this on my skin immediately what I think of is the smell of plastic baby dolls/barbie dolls.A powdery, almost oily oriental scent with lots of talcum powder and tonka bean on me.Smells a tad dated and what is on sale in stores nowadays has definitely been reforumlated. This one of those scents that just absolutely oozes sex, very much a powdery boudoir fragrance that makes me feel powerful.I guess powdery plastic vanilla incense is a thing and it's good. I have so many perfumes in my cache that I forget about Lou Lou sometimes.I have a vintage bottle with the original formulation. Try to find the vintage formulation, totally worth it. this is so beautiful how can anyone don't like this? It was either gawdly or artful depending on the person just like the parfum itself. I still love her after all these years but, no one loves me with her. I have come to the conclusion that she is the equivalent of Thrills gum (which I still chew) and in some ways the scent of her tastes like Thrills gum...never to be forgotten whether good or bad.I dabbed a little on my hand and was immediately transported back 20 years. I've washed my hands numerous times and also did the dishes and I can still smell it on my hand. like a vintage make up it smells, powdery and velvety at the same time, it smells like cornubia from penhaligon's i love them both, for my lovely winter I remember falling hard for this fragrance when it first came out. Sumptuous and opulent....as good as the old one I had back in the early 90, but still wonderful.