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So, while sometimes, women have no choice but to kiss their dates since the dudes are scared to death to make a move, they’re also setting up a dynamic that he doesn’t like.As an example, if I hooked up with a rich chick and all I had to do was play XBOX all day and show her a good time when she got home, you’d never see The Kid in the street ever again. 😀 Along the same lines of societal expectations, he might think you’re ‘easy’, being that you kissed him before he kissed you. Basically, if a guy doesn’t feel like he made you do something or he inspired you to do something, he assumes you would have done it anyway, on your own, to him or whomever else might have been available and interested.It might take him some time to regroup with a new game plan and he’s stalling until he figures that out.Guys like to use the term “Out of my league” to describe women that they would love to have, but don’t believe that what they’re bringing to the table stacks up to what she either WANTS or CAN DEFINITELY GET from guys.

If the gal presses up, he suddenly has two poor decisions.

Here are some potential reasons why the guy you’re dating won’t kiss a gal or escalate the relationship after she gives him the green light by kissing him first: He likes you and is probably sexually attracted to you, but he can’t see himself puttin’ in work on you that would make you appreciate him more and take your relationship in a positive direction rather than a negative direction.

There are lots of reasons a guy might be scared of / intimidated by a chick.

If they get a chick ‘fresh out the box’, whatever little nothing they do to her in bed is going to seem like an amazing experience for her.

They don’t want to get to the honeymoon and have her like *YAWN* : O Your kissing him informed him that the impossible was possible, if not PROBABLE and now he’s shook, ’cause ain’t no such things as halfway crooks, scared to death and scared to look.