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Which is why once these fakes "doing science" lose their tenures after the endowments (and charity) run out of funds, they will be barely fit to do anything in the real-life ecology.

I wonder what you can do with an unemployed, say, academic orthodox economist.

Thierry, veuillez recevoir l'expression de mon respect le plus profond. Iatrogenics only entered my private vocabulary quite recently thanks to a conversation with Bryan Appleyard; I have been haunted by it since then.

How can such a major idea remained hidden from our consciousness?

Two unpleasant situation, worth naming names because these two individuals are exceedingly harmful to society.

1) The most unpleasant situation was the psychologist Dan Gilbert from Harvard who broke the Brockman dinner party etiquette by shouting insults within earshot, c. Armin Falk University of Bonn, who did some bullshit experiments on bounded rationality, not knowing that I was a trader, shouted in a strong German accent: "I do science ; you just do philosophy". So let me take this into more interesting territory, and express my anti-social-planner views.

I also encountered the same with another intellectual fraud, Robert Merton with his "these are the best models we've got" (they never consider that "nothing" may be better that the best model).I leave aside the confusion absence of evidence/evidence of absence--and the misunderstanding of the very notion of "empiricism".It is a fact that in the real world of our daily decision-making 1) (one side is more harmful than the other), so the burden of evidence is one-sided.compared the body to a machine consisting of animal levers."He wrote that God applied geometry when making animal organs, and that since the movements of animals are the proper subject of mathematics they can be understood in terms of levers, pulleys, winding-drums, and spirals, etc.So to me the history of knowledge is indissociable from the history of intellectual frauds and the mental biases that make us believe in "men of science".