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There are now plans to expand into the midwest and Mexico.GWU also has extension classes in various homes throughout the country.Preface Good Wife University (GWU) Established May 28, 1951 Founders: Mary Ellen Wise and Gwendolyn B.Smart Mary Ellen Wise and Gwen Smart saw many changes during their lifetimes. They fought for suffrage and saw the 19th Amendment ratified in 1920.Then a grateful couple donated property in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the current Good Wife University (GWU) campus was born.

One of Gwen's daughters asked if a few of her friends could be taught how to be good wives.

Their lives and marriages improved and all four voluntarily came back, forgiving their mothers for kidnapping them and begging for more.

Before long, others saw how the young families seemed to have fewer problems.

The result was an increase in divorce, unhappiness, single parent families, neglected or abused children, and a host of other problems.

The pair believed that the cause was largely young women rejecting marriage techniques that had worked for centuries.