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The back end system utilizes a parasolid format to then convert to other file formats.

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Then I saw it -- a bird, directly above me about five feet, in midflight, but frozen in midair. I kept thinking to myself, "I wish time would stop." After repeating this several times, I got the sense that something was definitely wrong. It was deadly quiet, and no movement was visible -- no trees, no leaves, no birds.The suddenness of the clamor shook me up a little, and I made a mental note to be ready for it in the future.I then turned my gaze to Tim, who was supposed to come to my locker.

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Once again, the hallway was brought to utter silence.

Being in the tenth grade and an average adolescent, I naturally started to think about what the girls looked like naked, as I did every day.

Also, being an average adolescent, I began to feel my cock stiffen at the mere thought of naked sophomore misses, and had the urge to jack off. I was, for all intents and purposes, alone, wasn't I? But, before I did anything incriminating, I decided to do a test.

Added: 07-Jan-2003 This is a sequel of the story University Lacrosse Players Get Punished For Being real Jerks, only this time, some tough black dudes take down the rest of that snot nosed college team.

Those lacrosse dudes ain"t getting away with disrespecting an African American woman, you can be sure of that!