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Some teachers say that his ghost haunts the school from time to time. A ghostly woman can sometimes be seen in the attic window with a candle waiting for her soldier to come home from the war---he never does.One specific ghost story happened when the Atheletic Director was in the basement of the gym late at night. Late at night you can sometimes see slaves hanging from the trees.It has been said that at night you can see a women walking up and down the halls of the middle school, a former principle.Sometimes she is walking by herself and sometimes she is pulling a student by his ear along with her.None of the students liked her cause she was a very mean principle.She was said to have died (year unknown) during the school year and was buried under the school because that was the only place where she liked to be.

On one occasion a table filled with empty dinner plates is unexplainably toppled over.This home used to be a slave home built in 1700 or 1800's.There have been numerous sightings by staff over the years.....One of the oldest buildings in Annapolis originally built in the middle of the 1700's and purchased by Horatio Middleton, after his death it was then own and operated by his son Samuel.Many famous historical personalities have been said to of stayed at the tavern, some of which being Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and the founder of our country George Washington.He heard a ball bouncing and when he went upstairs all the lights were on. The family cemetery is located directly behind the house.