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Dating musical taste

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It is upon this basic structure that a musician or singer improvises according to his feeling at the time.

Structural melody is the most fundamental characteristic of Indian music.

After leaving Benaras, he was also the director of Sanskrit manuscripts at the Adyar Library in Chennai for some time.

He returned to Europe in 1960s and was associated with UNESCO for some years While in Europe, Danilou was credited with bringing Indian music to the Western world.

He transmitted the knowledge of cosmic dance to the rishi Bharata, through one of his ganas. The dance is called tandava and Bharata thus became the first teacher of music to men, and even to apsaras, the heavenly dancers.

Indian classical music, compared with our Western music, is like a pure crystal.Shiva, also called Nataraja, is supposed to be the creator of Sangita, and his mystic dance symbolizes the rhythmic motion of the universe.Curt Sachs (1881-1959) who played the leading role among early modern scholars in the field organology -- the study of musical instruments and their musical and cultural contexts, has said, that the South Indian drum tambattam that was known in Babylonia under the name of timbutu, and the South Indian kinnari shared its name with King David's kinnor.Indian music is based upon a system of ragas and is improvised or composed at the moment of performance.The notes which are to convey certain definite emotions or ideas are selected with extreme care from the twenty-five intervals of the sruti scale and then grouped to form a raga, a mode or a melodic structure of a time.Whilst the words of songs have varied and altered from time to time, many of the musical themes are essentially ancient.