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Lock/locking mechanism (does not include sliding glass door) - (0800) 2. Include what temp thermostat is set at (if it’s a few degrees off from what it is set at = Urgent) temp in the home **Let resident know that if this is the first time they are turning on their heater, they may smell a burning smell. If PTE is NO, someone over the age of 18 will have to be at home regardless of time of day ~ Someone over the age of 18 MUST be home for any WO for a refrigerator/freezer regardless of time of day Environmental Concerns (aka Moisture/Discoloration) (1310) For any environmental concerns, please reference Moisture and Discoloration until a professional assess the situation If a resident uses the word mold, type in the work order 1525 instead of moisture or discoloration Resident MUST be home so the technician can explain the options and discuss a remedy If the mold is outside, it is considered ONLY if the resident cannot be home for the 24 hour Urgent response time – schedule the initial evaluation WO.Knob, latch or handle - (0219) Exterior door knob has fallen off (leaving a hole in the door) - (0219) Cannot get car out of garage (manual release fails and resident has urgent requirement to depart) - (0227) Child locked inside and parents cannot get to them – create work order and advise resident to call 911 1. If the burning smell lasts longer than 15-20 minutes or if the smoke alarm goes off, turn off the heater and call back. Advise residents to step outside to fresh air and call 911. Resident MUST be home for the 4 hour time frame of the appointment.Use drill down questions Refrigerator overcooling and freezing all food items (0112) Locks/Doors/Windows - Ask if regular door or sliding door and create appropriately Exterior door knob falling off (0219) – Front or back door that is stiff or hard to open, knob about to fall off, but the door can be secured with the deadbolt Locked interior door (0220) Patio glass door (0219) - which does not lock/latch.Please ask if the resident has a Charlie Bar or stick and notate in the Work Order.EFMP coordinators are located at the medical treatment facility and serve both personnel and family support functions.Coordinators facilitate initial enrollment and guide families to other services if required.Clogged Utility Drain (1208) – drain to washing machine No hot water (1239) Water leak that does not cause damage/unknown water leak -that can be contained (1246)* – that is contained by pan/towel etc.Faucet leaks not included unless potential for overflow ~If resident requests a scheduled date more than 3 days in the future, change priority to Resident Scheduled ~Someone over the age of 18 MUST be home for any Routine WO for a refrigerator/freezer ~On-Notice Units – Ft.

Messages should include: Name, Address, Unit number, Work Order number and any other key information that the on-site team may need.~ Enter date/local time in brief description ~ Technician will NOT enter a home with ONLY a minor at home (anyone under the age of 18) ~ PTE - During office hours ( am to pm) - will use the PTE on file. Check Community Manager List before putting in work orders!!Please document in Access Notes if resident will be home or if the technician will need to pick up a key during business hours ~ PTE – After office hours, weekends and Holidays - Ft.Hood will allow residents that are on-notice to put in WO's.DO NOT schedule a work order for the day of move-out.Command points of contact can also assist service and family members with the enrollment process.