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Eventually, Brooke is motivated to become a good mother herself, which prompts her to take in a teenage foster child named Samantha.
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Fearing that he would be implicated in the death, and that he would have to explain the story behind the treasure to the authorities, Sholto disposed of the body.On his deathbed Major Sholto urged his sons to give Miss Morstan the half share of the treasure that should rightfully have been hers and explains that avarice kept him from doing so himself.Thaddeus relates that his father was fearful of his personal safety and also seemed to have an aversion to men with wooden legs.On his deathbed, Major Sholto told his sons that whilst in India he and Morstan came into possession of a large quantity of treasure.

Bartholomew has now found the treasure and so Thaddeus has contacted Miss Morstan with the idea that together they will go and claim their respective shares.Whilst the hotel confirmed that he was staying there they informed Miss Morstan that he had gone out and not returned. Major Sholto was Morstan's only known friend in London, the two had been in the same regiment together.Sholto had retired from service at that time and claimed not to have even known that Morstan was in the country.By an examination of the room Holmes determines that there were two people present when the treasure was removed.One was a wooden legged man and the other an extremely agile accomplice who shot a poisoned dart at Bartholomew Sholto.In the story, Sherlock Holmes and the smitten Dr John Watson try to defeat a peg-legged man and his dwarf assistant.